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Install a Free SSL Certificate with Really Simple SSL

From Really Simple SSL 5.0 onward you can install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Please remember your hosting provider might block this installation, due to the fact they offer a free SSL certificate already, which you can activate in your hosting panel. Or they block the installation because they offer a paid SSL certificate.

Please also note,  a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate should be renewed every 60-90 days, and can not always be done automatically depending on your hosting provider.

Our Really Simple SSL Wizard will guide you through this process, and support is always available if needed. Below you will find configurations per hosting provider to make life even easier. 

Hosting Providers


Cloudways offers free installation of Let’s Encrypt by API with Really Simple SSL. Just choose Cloudways as your hosting provider and we will install a certificate automatically.


Hostgator’s SSL certificates are activated by default. If this is not the case on rare occasions, you can enable SSL in your hosting panel (cPanel) with AutoSSL.


Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt.


Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt.

XXL Hosting

Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt.



inmotion hosting


A2 Hosting





WP Engine


GoDaddy Managed Hosting

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos

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