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Really Simple SSL Pro is a lightweight standard for every WordPress website to keep SSL performance optimized and leverage heavyweight security standards.

Really Simple SSL - Hardening

Tackle WordPress weaknesses and fortify your website with Really Simple SSL 6.0

What are Application Passwords?

Application Passwords are passwords to be used by automated processes like programs, service, other websites, scripts etc. They are not intended for and cannot be

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What is Cross-site Scripting?

Cross-site Scripting, also referred to as “XSS”, are are the most common attacks on the web where malicious scripts are injected into a website. These

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What is a Permissions Policy?

The Permissions Policy (formerly called Feature-Policy) is a security header that allows website administrators to manage which browser functions the site should be able to

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What are Hardening Features?

For general purposes, hardening features should be described as reducing points of attack in a system. This can mean removing unnecessary code, or setting limits

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