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Really Simple SSL Pro is a lightweight standard for every WordPress website to keep SSL performance optimized and leverage heavyweight security standards.

Really Simple SSL - Hardening

Tackle WordPress weaknesses and fortify your website with Really Simple SSL 6.0

How valuable is your website?

Thousands of websites get hacked every day. It may not have happened to you, but there is no reason for cybercriminals not to try. People often think it won’t happen to their website because there is nothing to gain for an attacker. You may not

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Rogue admin protection for WordPress

To protect your website against the creation of rogue admins, simply enable the “Restrict creation of administrators” setting under advanced hardening in Really Simple SSL Pro.

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Implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) on WordPress

Implementing a Content Security Policy is an essential way to protect your website from common attacks. What is Content Security Policy  Content Security Policy enhances the security of web applications, reduces the attack surface, and protects users from various forms of web-based attacks such as

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How to protect your WordPress account

According to Forbes, at least 30.000 websites are hacked daily, with a WordPress market share of 40%, which means at least 12.000 WordPress sites get compromised daily. The two leading causes of these hacks are vulnerable software and compromised accounts. Source Ensuring you are always

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