Meet Really Simple SSL 6

Beta program Our major release Really Simple SSL 6 is coming soon. Read about our update below and joing our beta release program! Join now Really Simple SSL 6 is coming! Join our Beta Release Program. Learn more 5+ Million Happy Users Awesome Support Easy Configuration for Complex Features By WordPress & Security Experts Really […]

About the Security Scan

In the last five years, Really Simple SSL has positioned itself as one of the leading authorities on Security Headers. We gave talks about the importance of Security Headers on WordCamp Europe, and have always aspired to give everyone in the (WordPress) ecosystem an easy way to configure Security Headers as it’s a fundamental part of […]

Does Really Simple SSL make my site slower?

When you’ve activated Really Simple SSL on your site, in some cases you might notice your site has become slower: this is not caused by the plugin! I specifically built this plugin to be fast: most of the work is done in the back-end, which doesn’t harm your performance. First, take a look at this […]

Really Simple SSL Pro Nulled – About the Risks

I recently purchased a Nulled version on a WordPress marketplace, claiming so-called “Nulled” versions are a legitimate option for resellers to earn a buck on GPL licensed software. Instead of buying from the source, you’re buying the software from a reseller with a considerable discount. These resellers do not have any affiliation with the creators of […]

Hosting Providers with Free SSL

Below you will find a list of known free SSL certificates per hosting provider. If your hosting provider is not listed, but does offer free SSL Please let us know. Known hosting providers with free certificates Hosting Providers Contabo Contabo’s SSL certificates are activated by default. If this is not the case on rare occasions, […]