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Does Really Simple SSL make my site slower?

When you’ve activated Really Simple SSL on your site, in some cases you might notice your site has become slower: this is not caused by the plugin! I specifically built this plugin to be fast: most of the work is done in the back-end, which

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Welcome Back

Welcome back! Meet Really Simple SSL 5.0 A new release celebrating 5 years and 5 million users. 5.0 will be a whole new experience and will start a new journey toward a future with new possibilities. Renew with 50% Discount Really Simple SSL started as

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How to add a TXT record to DNS

You will need to add a so-called TXT record to continue DNS verification while generating an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt by Really Simple SSL. We will explain how this is done, in some cases your hosting environment might look different, but the responding fields

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Why our websites are built with Elementor

Before we had decided that the only thing that we wanted to do is build WordPress plugins, we were WordPress developers, building websites for clients. Like most other WordPress agencies, we used all sorts of themes to get the desired results. We decided that it

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