We have added documentation and f.a.q. for the most common issues and questions which arise during installation and configuration. Please contact support for assistance if needed.

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Vulnerability Detection for WordPress

WP Vulnerabilities – An open-source initiative WP Vulnerabilities is an open-source, free API by Javier Casares with contributions from other open-source, freely available databases and many manual hours from moderators and security officers from other plugins, including our own security officer. Really Simple SSL mirrors

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7.0.0-Beta Feedback

Instructions 7.0.0 wil be our next major release and will feature a simple approach to fending off and mitigating vulnerabilities in plugins,. themes and WordPress core. As you can expect from Really Simple SSL this has a simple configuration under settings, while the heavy lifting

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Join our Beta Program

Really Simple SSL 7.0 will include vulnerability scanning for WordPress core, plugins, and themes, and is now in Beta! With the below form, you will join our Beta Program, which includes Beta releases and information about Really Simple SSL’s roadmap. After joining our Beta program

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Email notification doesn’t show correct content

Email notifications are sent when triggered by certain features or possible updates from Really Simple SSL. This is what you need to know: The email is sent to your email, either defaulted to the admin email or, if entered, the email under General Settings. The

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About email notifications from Really Simple SSL

Email notifications are new in Really Simple SSL. They are not enabled by default, but we strongly recommend using this new feature so you’re up-to-date and notified when to take action. These emails will be used when important features are enabled, and a double-check might

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