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How to find where security headers are set

You were probably directed to this page because Really Simple SSL told you that you have a non-recommended security header set by another method. Really Simple SSL will not set security headers if they are already set by another method. The problem lies in the

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Manually adding recommended security headers on WordPress

This article will explain how to manually add the recommended security headers to your website. For more advanced security headers or automatically add the security headers, please consider subscribing to Really Simple SSL Pro.  Security headers will add a new layer to SSL (Secure Socket

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Everything you need to know about security headers

SSL is an additional layer of security on your site. An important header you can add is HSTS, and HSTS preload, which prevents your website users to load a fake version of your website, created by a hacker. But there are more ways to break into

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How to use the Feature Policy header

The Permissions-Policy HTTP header replaces the existing Feature-Policy header for controlling delegation of permissions and powerful features. The header uses a structured syntax, and allows sites to more tightly restrict which origins can be granted access to features. This will be released in Really Simple

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