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Mixed content in the postmeta table

Mixed content in the postmeta table When WordPress creates a post, it saves all kinds of information about that post (a thumbnail, for example) within the wp_postmeta database table. If your theme then uses information from the postmeta table to insert an image, this can

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Fix mixed content in PHP files

When you see a ‘PHP file with mixed content’ mixed content file in your mixed content scan, the result cannot be fixed automatically. The scan does provide all the information required to fix the file manually. When seeing such a result in your scan overview,

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Google Chrome will start blocking mixed content soon

Google has recently announced it will block mixed content by default from Chrome 79 onwards. Chrome 79 is scheduled for release in December 2019. Chrome will make further changes to how mixed content is handled in subsequent releases. In Chrome 80 mixed audio and video

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How to fix mixed content in Elementor after moving to SSL

We often see mixed content on Elementor based sites after moving to SSL. Really Simple SSL Pro automatically handles this for you when you activate SSL. If you’re comfortable tweaking your URL settings manually, you can try the following solution: Be sure to create a

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