Installing SSL using shell functions

If you receive the following notice, while using Really Simple SSL to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate:
Your server provides shell functionality, which offers additional methods to install SSL. If installing SSL using the default methods is not possible, you can install the shell add on.
Below you will find the shell add-on to install Let’s Encrypt with shell functionality.

Why an add-on?

Some anti-virus software trigger on shell functions when these files are scanned. Although a false positive, we’re unable to offer this in our core plugin. A known false positive is triggered by Windows Defender, and Smartscreen Defender, from Microsoft Edge.

Shell in short

‘Shell functionalities’, or Shell access is a remote command line access to a server. Just as “Command” for Windows, and “Terminal” for Mac, you can communicate with the server without a user interface. To use this functionality, you will need to enter your login details in the Really Simple SSL wizard.

Installing the Add-on

Because shell access (SSH) is an advanced feature, most hosting providers will not provide this as standard. Most providers however will have no issues enabling SSH. You can download below .zip file to your computer and upload this file to your WordPress Dashboard as you would any other plugin. When activated you can enter the wizard in Really Simple SSL and start the installation process again.

Download Shell Add-on

Here you can download the add-on with shell functionality.
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