What does the plugin Really Simple SSL actually do?

You only have to click activate, and in most cases, your site is ready for SSL. So what happens in the background?

On activation, Really Simple SSL:

  • Checks for SSL before activating
  • Selects the right kind of .htaccess redirect rule
  • If needed, adds a load balancer fix to wp-config: if the WordPress function is_SSL() fails, an edit has to be made in the wp-config.php to convince WordPress your website is on SSL.
  • If needed, adds a server variable fix to wp-config.php: if your server is configured not to pass any server variable informing WordPress we are on SSL, but the plugin detects SSL, an edit will be made to the wp-config.php to convince WordPress your site is on SSL.
  • Changes your siteurl and homeurl to https, and if needed also changes any defines in the wp-config.php.
  • Checks for insecure content on the frontend, and replaces to https.


Lightweight plugin, Heavyweight Security features. Get Pro and leverage your SSL certificate for WordPress security standards.