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Really Simple Plugins takes over development for Zip Recipes!

We have added a cool new plugin to the Really Simple Plugins family: Zip Recipes! The past two years the plugin was developed by Gezim, who has created great features, like the nutrition API, integrated support, Pinterest and other social services support, and much more! We will build on this, and add new features, …


New security headers for Really Simple SSL pro coming up

SSL is an additional layer of security on your site. In the current version of Really Simple SSL pro we already have added HSTS, and HSTS preload, which prevents your website users to load a fake version of your website, created by a hacker. But there are more ways to break into a site. To …

Warnings & Errormessages

Amp javascript warning with Really Simple SSL

If your site uses AMP (accelerated mobile pages) in combination with Really Simple SSL, you might encounter an error regarding javascript in the head of the website. If you see this error, you have the option “javascript redirect to SSL” enabled in settings/ssl. The solution is simple: just deactivate this redirect, and the inline script …

SSL certificate

To change this page upload a new index.html to your private_html folder

If you see this message when you access your site over https: To change this page upload a new index.html to your private_html folder This means there are different folders for http:// and https://, your site is in the http (public_html) and you’re looking at the private_html folder. The site will load fine over http://  …


Complianz GDPR now Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CaCPA)

Today version 2.0 of Complianz GDPR, now renamed to Complianz Privacy Suite was released. Both free and premium version now are built for US privacy laws as well, with an automatic generated Do Not Sell My Personal Information page, and a cookie banner which is specifically configured for the requirements in the United States. Regions …