Why you should use the default plugin folder name for Really Simple SSL

In some cases, you might need to change the plugin folder name: for example, if you temporarily want to deactivate the plugin. Or, if you are beta testing the current GitHub version.

We recommend changing the folder name back to “really-simple-ssl” when you are activating the plugin. The most important reason for this is, that if you would want to deactivate, but keep https, the plugin will bypass the normal deactivation process, and simply remove the “really-simple-ssl” plugin from the active plugins list. As you can understand, this won’t work if the plugin is renamed.

If you are installing a premium add-on, the add-on won’t be able to find Really Simple SSL because it can’t detect the plugin folder. For these situations, it is also important to use the default plugin folder name.

To rename the plugin folder, please go to your FTP client, then navigate to wp-content/plugins, and look up the Really Simple SSL folder. Rename it to “really-simple-ssl”. Then go to your plugins overview, and click “activate” again. You’re done!

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