How to install Really Simple SSL Pro

Getting started: The installation of Really Simple SSL Pro is just like any other plugin, except that you can’t download it from the WordPress repository, you have to upload it yourself. Like when you manually install a WordPress plugin.

Do I still need Really Simple SSL Free when using the Pro plugin?

Since version 8.0 of Really Simple SSL, it is no longer necessary to have both the Free and Pro version of Really Simple SSL enabled next to each other.

Downloading the plugin

You should have received an email with a download link for the plugin. If not, or if your download link has expired, you can always find a new download link in your Account -> Downloads on If you don’t know your password, you can reset it by clicking “Lost password?” and entering the email address used to purchase your Really Simple SSL Pro subscription.

You can find the Free version here, or directly via the Plugins section on your WordPress site (Plugins -> Add New).


  1. Download the Really Simple SSL pro plugin. You will find a download link in the e-mail that you received after purchasing Really Simple SSL, but you can always find a new download link in your Account -> Downloads on as well. Really Simple SSL Pro - Downloading the Pro plugin (purchase confirmation e-mail)
  2. In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to “Plugins” -> “Add New“, and click “Upload Plugin”. In the window that appears, select the zipped file ( that you downloaded after purchasing the Pro version, click Install Now, and then Activate the plugin.Installing the Really Simple SSL Pro plugin on WordPress
  3. Navigate to Settings -> SSL & Security -> “Settings” (in the top menu bar), where you will find a new “License” tab. Enter your Really Simple SSL Pro license key here, and click Activate.Really Simple SSL Pro - Activating the License Key

Please note: You need to upload the zipped file to WordPress. The Safari browser is known to automatically unzip downloaded .zip files. If this is the case, please Right-click -> “Compress” to compress the folder to .zip format again, after which it can be uploaded to WordPress.

After activation

You can find your Really Simple SSL Dashboard under WordPress -> Settings -> SSL & Security. The Premium settings are listed mostly under the “Settings” tab. You can now run the advanced site scan, to find remaining mixed content issues on your site. When mixed content issues are found, you can click the “Fix” button or the instructions link for information on how to fix this. If you run into any problems, please submit a ticket.

Plugin dependency error

If you see a notice with a “plugin dependency error”, this means that Really Simple SSL Pro needs to be updated to the latest version to be compatible. You can update the plugin to the latest available version to solve the issue.

If you no longer have a valid License Key and can’t download the latest release of the Pro plugin, renew your license here.

Lightweight plugin, Heavyweight Security features. Get Pro and leverage your SSL certificate for WordPress security standards.