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Really Simple SSL has been the number 1 solution to activate, configure and enforce SSL on your WordPress website for the past six years. The only thing required was a valid SSL certificate. Starting with Really Simple SSL 5.0, we will start generating SSL certificates for eligible websites. This makes Really Simple SSL the one-stop-shop when it comes to SSL for WordPress!

Really Simple SSL 5.0 is currently in Beta release, meaning that we are testing SSL generation with a wide variety of server configurations and hosting providers before we release this update to 5.5 million users around the globe.

Can I join?

Really Simple SSL currently requires a valid SSL certificate to migrate your website to https. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, you will be shown the following warning message:

If you see this notice, please click on the ‘Reload over HTTPS’ button. If this doesn’t work, your site likely uses an invalid SSL certificate. You’re eligible for a free SSL certificate!


How does Really Simple SSL generate an SSL certificate?

Really Simple SSL uses the free Let’s Encrypt library to generate your free SSL certificate.

Is the free certificate less secure than paid alternatives?

No, the Let’s Encrypt certificate is as secure as every other SSL certificate and accepted by all browsers. Let’s Encrypt has been used to generate 1.6 billion free certificates for 260 million domains since 2015. Chances are that your hosting provider also uses Let’s Encrypt to generate SSL certificates.

Is the certificate really free forever?

Yes, we won’t charge you for the SSL certificate. In most environments, we will also be able to automatically renew your SSL certificate (yes, also for free). Some environments don’t allow auto-renewal. In this case, we will remind you before the certificate expires and tell you which steps to take to renew your certificate (also for free)

I don’t want my live site to be a ‘testing ground’, are there any risks involved?

The Really Simple SSL 5.0 beta has been tested very thoroughly and never caused any critical errors. The worst thing that can happen is that we’re unable to generate a free SSL certificate. In the very unlikely event that an error occurs, we will immediately abort and restore.

Can I update to >5.0 without problems after installing the Beta release?

Yes. You can update the plugin like always.

Do you also generate free SSL wildcards that can for example be used for subdomains?

If you use dns verification, or a multisite subdomain setup, a wildcard certificate will be generated by default.

Leon Wimmenhoeve

Leon Wimmenhoeve

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