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Compatibility fix for Social Warfare share counts recovery

If you are using the Social Warfare share counts recovery¬†plugin to recover the social shares and likes for Facebook, ¬†Twitter etc, you might run into the problem that there is a slight incompatibility between the plugins. As Really Simple SSL fixes all http links, it also fixes a link that the Warfare plugin needs to …

Plugin conflicts

Troubleshooting with Really Simple SSL

If you are experiencing problems which you don’t have when Really Simple SSL is deactivated, there are some steps you can do to track down the cause. Clear your browser history Most issues are caused by the cache in the browser. Try using a different browser, or on a different device to check if you …

Plugin conflicts

Plugin conflicts: tracking down the cause

Sometimes you can experience plugin issues that seem to be caused by Really Simple SSL. What most people forget, is that when you activate Really Simple SSL, you also force SSL. In some cases this can also cause the issue. When you activate the SSL plugin, three things happen: siteurl and homeurl are changed to …