Can I deactivate Really Simple SSL after activating SSL?

The below article refers to Really Simple SSL >4.0. Version before 4.0 will revert to http when you deactivate in the plugins overview page, and stay on https if you use the option on the settings page.
Really Simple SSL is built to be very lightweight: the majority of the files are not even loaded when a visitor requests the frontpage. If you have not yet enabled SSL in Really Simple SSL, deactivating the plugin will do nothing except deactivating the plugin itself. If you have enabled SSL, when you click “deactivate” on the plugins overview page, you will get a popup which offers you two options:
– Deactivate, and revert to http
– Deactivate, and keep https

Deactivating, and revert to http

Most users that do this want do do this because their site has issues on SSL, and expect the plugin to leave the site as it was before the activation. If you choose this option, your site url will change back to http, and all changes made to your .htaccess file are removed.

Deactivate, and keep https

If you choose this option, only the plugin will deactivate, your site will stay as it is (on https).

Please note that:

  • The mixed content fixer won’t work anymore
  • If you use wp redirect for redirection, this won’t work anymore
  • The SSL redirect on rest_api redirect won’t be active anymore

What stays after deactivating the plugin:

  • If enabled, the .htaccess redirect
  • Your site_url will stay on https
  • Any wp-config fixes that were needed to do the change.
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