How to install Really Simple SSL free

Installation video

the video below details how to install Really Simple SSL free. For a written explanation with screenshots see the guide below this video.

Downloading the plugin

to download Really Simple SSL, navigate to ‘Plugins->Add new’ menu in your WordPress admin area:

Type ‘SSL’ Or ‘Really Simple SSL’ in the top right search bar. Now results for SSL will show up. Locate Really Simple SSL and press the ‘Install’ button:

Once installed, press ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin:

The default configuration for the plugin will work fine on most sites. If you wish to make any changes, for example by enabling the 301 .htaccess redirect, you can navigate to ‘Settings->SSL->Settings’ to change the plugin settings.

Experiencing issues? Please let us know.

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  • porsiyon

    thank you so much Mark, my number 1 🙂

  • trần đạt

    cho tôi hỏi. tại sao tôi kích hoạt plugin rồi mà không được

    • Mark Wolters


      your site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate yet. Really Simple SSL is not an SSL certificate itself but a tool to configure your website for SSL. The plugin requires a valid SSL certificate before it can work correctly. We recommend to get a certificate at your hosting provider. Once a certificate is installed, Really Simple SSL will help to move your site to SSL.

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