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License renewal, how to renew your Really Simple SSL pro license

How to renew your Really Simple SSL pro license There are multiple ways to renew your Really Simple SSL pro license. Really Simple SSL pro is a subscription which will renew automatically. Sometimes the subscription will not automatically renew. This can be caused by a number of things. Renewal payment failed Usually when the renewal …

Common issues with HSTS

There can be a number of causes HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is not working correctly. The most common issues with HSTS are listed in this article. How to enable HSTS The first thing to check if is the HSTS option has been enabled. HSTS can be enabled by navigating to the the Settings->SSL->Settings tab …

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Billing Payments

Updating your payment method / renewal failing

How to update your payment method/card (billing method) You can update your payment method in the profile tab of your account page. Near the bottom of the profile tab you will see the ‘Manage Payment Methods’ section. Here you can add a new card or update details for an existing card. I have updated my …

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Google Chrome will start blocking mixed content soon

Google has recently announced it will block mixed content by default from Chrome 79 onwards. Chrome 79 is scheduled for release in December 2019. Chrome will make further changes to how mixed content is handled in subsequent releases. In Chrome 80 mixed audio and video resources will be automatically upgraded to https://. Mixed content images …


Choosing a WordPress host for your website

We quite often come across questions by our users on which hosting provider works nicely with Really Simple SSL. The answer to this question is simple, Really Simple SSL works fine on almost all hosting providers. There are differences of course: on some hosting environments SSL is an additional cost, while on others it’s included. …