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Really Simple SSL 3.1.3

Really Simple SSL 3.1.3. is ready for release. This version includes a number of small tweaks and fixes: The plugin no longer shows notices on Gutenberg edit screens Fixed the blog count on multisite installations Updated the Google Analytics notice with a link to the SSL settings page You can find the latest version on …

Networkwide SSL activation fails on IIS server 7

Sometimes networkwide SSL activation can fail on IIS server 7 setups because the request entity is too large. When this happens, you can increase the uploadReadAheadSize value in your applicationHost.config file. The default value is set too low for some websites, increasing the value should resolve this issue. For detailed instructions see


Really Simple SSL 3.1.2

Really Simple SSL 3.1.2. will be released shortly. It includes the following improvements: Tweak: added nicer looking checkboxes It just looks better 🙂 Tweak: .well-known/acme-challenge/ is excluded from .htaccess https:// redirect Ironically, updates of SSL certificates often cannot run over https. This prevents the update from being redirected to https. Tweak: implemented transients for functions …


Really Simple SSL 3.1.0

Over the past few weeks we have made a number of improvements to the free Really Simple SSL plugin. The 3.1.0 version of Really Simple SSL is released as of today, community feedback is much appreciated. This version includes the following tweaks and fixes: Tweak: added HTTP_X_PROTO as supported header These headers are used to …