Checklist for migrating to SSL

This article contains a short checklist of the most important items to take into account before and after migrating your site to SSL.

Before migrating

  • Check your SSL certificate with SSL labs: If you don’t get an A, contact your hosting provider.
  • Check your site for mixed content by running the scan with Really Simple SSL pro. Really Simple SSL fixes all http references in your site, but can not automatically fix:
    • http:// links in .js or css files
    • external .js, .css or images on domains without SSL certificate (they cannot load over ssl)
    • external .js or .css files with http links

At this point, you can move your site to HTTPS.

After migrating

  • Change your primary url in Google Analytics to https, otherwise you might see a decrease in data as a result of migrating to SSL

If you have any additions or further questions, feel free to log a Support ticket.

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