About Login Protection

Login protection will start with the first feature; two-step verification. Choose the user roles that can choose, or are forced to use a confirmation code during authentication. The code will be send by email, creating the second step after your users provided their login credentials. This how you can set-up two-step verification.

1. Enabling Module

Really Simple SSL & Security is built modularly and for performance, meaning nothing is loaded when it’s not needed and always optimized to minimize impact. To enable the Login Protection module, please toggle as show below.

2. Enabling Method

Before you start with this method, please make sure you have validated your email to make sure you server can reliably send emails.

When the module is enabled, you can choose your login protection method. We start with two-step verification you can toggle it as shown.

2.1 Optional vs Forced

Optional user roles will get the possibility to skip the validation once, afterwards they will be able to login as normal. If they choose to enter the confirmation code, two-step verification will be enabled for this user. You can reset optional user roles under ‘Users’. User roles that are forced will not get a choice, and the feature will be enabled immediately for these users. We recommend the default user roles as shown.

3. Users

You will find the status of the users in this list. You can reset users in user roles that are optional, this will give them the possibility to choose once more. You can’t reset ‘Forced’ user roles, as there’s not a choice involved.

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