Installing an SSL certificate on MediaTemple

Upon generating your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate within Really Simple SSL (step-by-step instructions here), you will have received three files: CRT, KEY and CABUNDLE. These files have to be uploaded in your MediaTemple Dashboard, after which your site will be secured with SSL. Login to the MediaTemple user portal Navigate to the “Overview” page Find […]

Generate an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt

Most hosting providers will provide you with an SSL certificate. Really Simple SSL attempts to detect and enforce the installed SSL certificate automatically. If your hosting provider does not offer free SSL certificates, but does allow for the installation of third-party SSL certificates: you can generate a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with Really Simple […]

Fixing SSL Incomplete certificate chain error

What impact does the “Incomplete Certificate Chain” error have on your website? A missing chain certificate can indirectly cause problems related to the security of your website, and could impact your visitors’ ability to reach your website on certain mobile devices (mostly Android). Fortunately, your hosting provider/certificate supplier can easily fix the Incomplete Certificate Chain […]