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Black Friday & Really Simple SSL partner deals

Really Simple SSL has joined in the Black Friday mêlee! Get 40% off with code NVMBR19, or check our our partner deals on, with great deals from Complianz GDPR/CCPA, WPMU DEV, WP Rocket, Zip Recipes and more! Share Share

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Google Chrome will start blocking mixed content soon

Google has recently announced it will block mixed content by default from Chrome 79 onwards. Chrome 79 is scheduled for release in December 2019. Chrome will make further changes to how mixed content is handled in subsequent releases. In Chrome 80 mixed audio and video resources will be automatically upgraded to https://. Mixed content images …


Choosing a WordPress host for your website

We quite often come across questions by our users on which hosting provider works nicely with Really Simple SSL. The answer to this question is simple, Really Simple SSL works fine on almost all hosting providers. There are differences of course: on some hosting environments SSL is an additional cost, while on others it’s included. …


Getting everything out of your security headers

When you have installed Really Simple SSL pro, you will get a bunch of new options. Users sometimes ask: “which headers should I enable, and why isn’t it all enabled by default?”. We’ll start auto enabling these as much as possible as of the next version, but this is not always possible. For example Content …


Really Simple SSL 3.2.4

Really Simple SSL 3.2.4 is ready for release. This latest version of the plugin can now be found at the Really Simple SSL GitHub page. This release includes a number of improvements: Fixed a CSS issue where buttons from other plugins had their styles reset Added an option to dismiss all Really Simple SSL notices …