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Welcome back! Meet Really Simple SSL 5.0 A new release celebrating 5 years and 5 million users. 5.0 will be a whole new experience and will start a new journey toward a future with new possibilities. Renew with 50% Discount Really Simple SSL started as

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MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING This is an uncommon error which can occur when there’s an issue with OCSP stapling on your webserver. It happens when OCSP stapling is required, but not available. We recommend to contact your hosting provider about this issue, they will be able to enable

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Protect SSL generation directories

Protect SSL generation directories this warning occurs when your SSL certificate files aren’t protected. This happens when Really Simple SSL has created an ssl/certs and ssl/keys directory in your websites root folder. The public certificate (*.crt) being available is not an issue, it’s the private

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Why our websites are built with Elementor

Before we had decided that the only thing that we wanted to do is build WordPress plugins, we were WordPress developers, building websites for clients. Like most other WordPress agencies, we used all sorts of themes to get the desired results. We decided that it

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Site Health HTTPS Update versus Really Simple SSL

With the release of WordPress 5.7 a new core feature was  introduced. Site users who have a certificate, but still need to change their URL’s from ‘HTTP’ to ‘HTTPS’ can now update their website to use SSL under Site Health. But what’s the difference? And

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