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Preventing subdomains or add on domains from getting forced to https

If you have several subdomains, or add-on domains, but do not use WordPress Multisite, you’ll need a way to prevent Really Simple SSL from forwarding all subdomains to https. That is, if these subdomains do not have an SSL certificate of course. 1. Go to Really simple ssl settings and check Stop editing the .htaccess …

Mixed content

How to exclude a url from the mixed content fixer

It sometimes is necessary to exclude a certain url from the mixed content fixer. For those who don’t know already: the mixed content fixer in Really Simple SSL changes all urls from http to https, except for hyperlinks to other domains. This can be easily accomplished with a filter. You can add it to your …

Mixed content Redirect rules

Disabling ssl for one page only

The problem: services that don’t support SSL I think the best way to go is to get your entire site on SSL. But sometimes there are services that are not really up to date, they don’t provide an SSL certificate on their service. How to solve this? In most cases, I would try contacting them …