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Hyperlinks to external urls getting replaced to https

There are two situations where a normal hyperlink to an external url could get replaced to https Website domain is part of the external domain When the external url is for example while the website url is this can happen. Really Simple SSL replaces all instances

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Compatibility fix for Social Warfare share counts recovery

*  EDIT * This fix is not needed anymore, as Warfare plugins has integrated this fix in their plugin.  If you are using the Social Warfare share counts recovery plugin to recover the social shares and likes for Facebook,  Twitter etc, you might run into the

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How to exclude a url from the mixed content fixer

It sometimes is necessary to exclude a certain url from the mixed content fixer. For those who don’t know already: the mixed content fixer in Really Simple SSL changes all urls from http to https, except for hyperlinks to other domains. This can be easily

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Disabling ssl for one page only

The problem: services that don’t support SSL I think the best way to go is to get your entire site on SSL. But sometimes there are services that are not really up to date, they don’t provide an SSL certificate on their service. Especially iframes

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