How to check if the Mixed content fixer is active

The plugin shows some common issues on the configuration page. What to do when you see this one?

The mixed content fixer is activated but was not detected on the frontpage

This notice does not necessarily mean the mixed content fixer doesn’t work, it just means the page couldn’t be loaded to verify this. Follow these steps to check what the problem is:

  1. You should have a valid SSL certificate on If you don’t get a grade A, you should install a valid SSL certificate first: Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL pro require a valid SSL certificate to work.
  2. Manually confirm whether the mixed content fixer is active. If you encounter the comment “data-rsssl” in your website’s HTML, you can ignore this notice as it apparently works. This sometimes happens when a server or security plugin blocks the plugin from opening a page on the website. How to test this:
    • Right-click on your website
    • Click “view source”
    • Search for the mixed content fixer marker: data-rsssl=1
    • If the marker is there, the mixed content fixer is active and you’re done.
  3. If you have a caching plugin activated, the cache might still contain the web source without the marker. You can easily solve this by clearing your cache and reloading the website. Really Simple SSL already clears the cache for some plugins, but not all of them.
  4. Check if you do have mixed content on your site. (Green lock in the browser address bar). If you don’t have mixed content, you’re good!
  5. Another plugin conflicts with the working of the mixed content fixer. There are two options to solve this:
    1. Change the hook the mixed content fixer fires on. You can do this in settings/SSL by enabling the “Switch mixed content fixer hook” option.
    2. If this doesn’t help, there’s probably a plugin blocking the Mixed content fixer. You can find out by deactivating plugins one by one. Known plugin compatibility issues are listed here.


Detect mixed content with an extensive scan, with easy fix button!