Google Chrome will start blocking mixed content soon

Google has recently announced it will block mixed content by default from Chrome 79 onwards. Chrome 79 is scheduled for release in December 2019. Chrome will make further changes to how mixed content is handled in subsequent releases. In Chrome 80 mixed audio and video resources will be automatically upgraded to https://. Mixed content images will show a ‘not secure’ warning in the address bar. Finally, mixed image resources will be automatically upgraded to https:// in Chrome 81. Images and other resources will be blocked by default if they cannot load over https://.

What does this mean for my site?

If your site currently uses Really Simple SSL nothing will change. The plugin continues to dynamically update http:// to https:// to make your site secure in all browsers. Loading a site that just recently moved to SSL in Chrome 81 can give the appearance of a secure site since Chrome forces all available resources over https://. The browser makes it appear as if your site is secure while in reality a different browser will still show a non-secure warning. Therefore it’s important to thoroughly check your site in different browsers for any mixed content issues. The Really Simple SSL pro scan can help you with identifying and fixing possible mixed content issues.

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