How to fix blocked resources to domains without SSL certificate

If you have Really Simple SSL Pro installed, you might get the warning that your site contains a reference to an external resource that cannot load over SSL.

If you see a domain looking like this one: “”, you have a JetPack plugin, Photon, installed. Deactivate it, and this issue should be resolved.

If this file is from a service you are using, it’s best to contact them and ask if the service can be provided over SSL as well, as it should in my opinion. If that is not possible, you can try the steps below. Please take care not to violate any intellectual property rights. Ask permission to use files on your own server before you do.

For example, if a page contains this HTML:

<img src=””>

And that domain does not have an SSL certificate, this image won’t load on SSL.

To fix this you should:

  • Download the file to your computer (please take care not to violate intellectual property rights, contact the owner if necessary)
  • Upload it to your website with an FTP client (such as FileZilla), for example to wp-content/uploads
  • Change the URL to your own domain, for example to

Or you can, of course, choose to remove the image.

If this is a .css file or a .js file, you can try this as well, but it may depend on local resources to work. If that is the case, downloading the file will break the dependencies.

Sometimes the domain pops up in these results. You can ignore this domain: it’s harmless.

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