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Parts of my site not loading



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Did you install Really Simple SSL on your site, and now some images, stylesheets, or external servcies are not loading?

When a site is requested over the SSL protocol, the browser will block all resources that are called with the http protocol. This is called “mixed content” or “insecure content”. To fix this, the Really Simple SSL plugin changes all urls to https://. If you have resources on other domains, that do not have a valid SSL certificate, these images or scripts will not load. The result can be a partly broken site.

In most of the cases  this is caused by an old “staging url”. This url was used during development, but the urls are still in place, and functioning without issue while on http protocol. But on https, this domain won’t work, so you’ll have to change this domain to your new domain.

In other cases, the resource might be an online service with a script running from the service’s domain. I think any self respecting online service should provide it over https, but I’ve encountered a few that didn’t. So you can choose:

  1. The best way: ask your service provider to enable SSL
  2. Remove the service
  3. Exclude one page from SSL, where you can then use the service.

Read this step by step article how to track down mixed content. 


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6 Responses

  1. Sinds ik Really Simple SSL Pro heb geïnstalleerd laden de afbeeldingen met http:// op mijn site niet meer. Dat komt omdat de URL’s verwijzen naar afbeeldingen op een site zonder SSL-certificaat. Hoe kan ik dat oplossen?

    1. Je kan ze het beste op je eigen site zetten. Dan kan je een https url gebruiken. Download de afbeelding en voeg ze in op je site, of laat Really Simple SSL pro een scan doen, zodat je met een klik op de knop de afbeelding kan downloaden en invoegen.

  2. Hello.

    My checkout process worked fine before. I installed an SSL and Really Simple SSL plugin and now when i order, my digital download page does not display my encryption link(s) or images that are associated with the product(s).

    When I turned off the ssl plugin the page rendered properly. Not sure what to do.

    Any help you can supply would be absolutely great.

    Thank you.

    Bernard C. Baker

    1. Hi Bernard,

      it looks like some images on your checkout page are generating 404 errors. Do you use any caching or optimizing (minifying) plugins? You can try to clear/disable those and see if it works afterwards. Also try to temporarily disable any security plugins to see if that solves the issue. It could also be hot link protection is active. Please let me know if any of these is the case and if you still experience issues!


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