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No SSL detected, but I’m sure I have SSL

No SSL was detected

If you see this message at the top of your page, this can mean two things:

  • You don’t have an SSL certificate. You can check this on
  • The certificate check in Really Simple SSL failed, because the output on your server differs from the expected output.

If the scan on SSL Labs checks out, you can get Really Simple SSL to detect SSL simply by loading the admin over SSL:

  1. Go to the login page of your site on https, e.g.:, and login
  2. Your site layout might break, but don’t worry. This is because the stylesheets are not SSL yet.
  3. Look for the button “Enable SSL” and click it (you might have to scroll down a bit if it’s broken).

That’s it! Your site will now be configured for SSL.

If the above does not work, an alternative method is to force the plugin to activate by adding

define(“RSSSL_FORCE_ACTIVATE”, true);

to your wp-config.php. Please note that if your site does not load properly over https because of server configuration issues, this might cause problems. Be careful with this option.

If SSL was detected, but you’re seeing this message after activation: to change this page upload a new index.html to your private_html folder or something similar, please check out the link for our article on this topic.

Edge case: test page couldn’t be opened and no server variables

There are some cases in which the test page could not be opened by the plugin, and when you check it manually:

It returns this:


(Make sure you have https in the URL!)

In these cases, even if you load your site over https, it still returns “no SSL detected”. In this case, you will have to “force” WordPress to know that it is now using SSL. You can do this by adding

$_SERVER[“https”] = “on”;

to your wp-config.php. Really Simple SSL normally does this for you, but if the test page couldn’t be opened it won’t do this automatically.



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30 Responses

  1. I tested:
    SSL test page

    This page is used purely to test for ssl availability.



    REQUEST_URI: /wp-content/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ssl-test-page.php

    When i add the code to .htaccess, the

    500 internal server error problem is coming.

    1. The article was a bit out of date. I’ve updated it: the best way to solve this is to change the url in your browser bar to https (when you’re in the admin), then hit enter.

      1. I’m struggling with the same issue. Earlier, SSL was working perfectly for me. But I had disabled for some reason. Now when I activated again, I’m not able to fix this issue at all. I’ve tried all the methods (adding in wp-config.php and trying with https://…) given here. Can you please help me?

  2. Hi,

    The plugin also did not detect my SSL certificate and I am sure I have one and i have tested it on the recommended site (and gotten an A)
    When I try to reload the admin via https:// manually it reports a 404 error that the page does not exist.
    What can I do?
    Please help

  3. I’m having the same problem where I get the “No SSL detected” message.

    I run my site through SSL checker site and get all A’s

    I setup the free flexible SSL you get with CloudFlare about 2 hours ago. It shows as Active within CloudFlare.

    When I try to go to my wp-admin page via https I get “Not Secure” in the url bar and the page shows the standard “Your connection is not secure” message.

    What can I do to resolve this?

    1. Do you see the “go ahead, activate SSL” button when you load the admin over https? If so, you can click it to enable SSL. If the styling breaks you might need to scroll down a bit.

  4. All the same issues and when I load admin over https there is no option to activate SSL button. What other option is there. I have done everything mentioned here. Mine also used to work.

    1. What is the domain you have the issue on? If there are no server variables WordPress can use to decide if it’s on SSL, it might help if you add
      $_SERVER[“https”] = “on”;
      To your wp-config.php

    1. Hi Hans,

      do you normally have any redirects on your site? What path does the redirect checker ( show? You could check if any page rules are set-up in Cloudflare which might perform this redirect. It could be a .htaccess rule which triggers on a https:// visit or a redirection plugin. It’s hard to say without access to your site. You can check these options to see if one of them is responsible for the redirect. If you are still unsure you can send us WordPress and FTP login details through so we can have a look.


  5. Hi Hans,
    I’m having a similar problem. The Really Simple cannot detect the ssl certificate and when I load from the admin as suggested, I get this error: “This site is not accessible”.

      1. my site address is

        I have the certificate installed on four sites in total and isn’t working on none of the four sites.

        I Have followed the instructions as you have suggested using the code in the config.php to force the activation and it hasn’t work neither.

        1. there seems to be an issue with the server configuration, the server cannot load over port 443, the SSL port. This can be fixed by your hosting provider by opening port 443. Once port 443 is opened and a valid SSL certificate is installed, Really Simple SSL will help to convert your site to SSL.

          1. Thank you, I will get in touch with my hosting company to see if they can help solve this issue.

  6. Let’s Encrypt certificates have been installed by my hosting provider and I’ve checked it on and got A but this plugin is showing that

    Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button:

    but when I reload the page with https nothing happened. Moreover when I updated url from http to https in wp-options table in database the website shows the error “This page isn’t working, ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” .
    I don’t know what to do as I’ve tried every possible way found on google.
    waiting for your response

          1. this
            article did not helped me… I’ve disabled all the themes and plugins by renaming these folders through “ftp” and I also have replaced all http to https in database through phpmyadmin and still now I’m getting the same error
            “This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
            Try clearing your cookies.
            the hosting has provided me plesk panel and I also can not locate ssl certificates in root folder of website. When I asked hosting provider to place ssl certificates in root folder he denied to do so due to security risk…. can you please guide me what can I do or I’ve to shift back to http….

          2. Hi,

            have you also checked the .htaccess and wp-config.php files for any http:// references? There must be something forcing your site over http://.

        1. Did you try the edge case scenario described in this article? In some cases, you might need to add $_SERVER[”https”]=”on”; to your wp-config.php. If you still have issues, please post it on the support forum, or submit a ticket, as the comment system is not really meant for such extensive discussions.

  7. Hi, I am having this issue and still can’t figure it out. I tried SSL Labs shows a valid ‘A’ certificate. When I try to reload the site under https I get “Not Found [CFN #0005].” When I try to just load the secure version of the site I get a slightly different error, “Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004].” Even though I can’t get the site to load over https, i still tried some manual configuration changes to the wp-confic.php file, including the RSSSL_FORCE_ACTIVATE one, but it didn’t fix it. The site is Any ideas?

    1. Hi,

      This is likely caused by a misconfiguration on your webserver. We recommend to contact your hosting provider about this issue. They can locate and fix the cause of this error. Once this has been fixed, Really Simple SSL will be able to detect your SSL certificate.


      1. Hi Mark,

        Thanks for the quick reply. I contacted them first and they said everything was set up correctly on their end. They told me I needed to fix the issue in wordpress by “updating the code.” I asked for specific steps and they said they were “not coders” so they didn’t know. But they assured me everything was correct on their end. I’m not sure I believe them. I’ve tried a half dozen different changes including attempting to force https for admin login, but nothing seems to be working. Is there by chance a way I can figure out exactly what they need to change with the web server so I can have a more specific ask next time I contact them? This is unfortunately my client’s hosting company, or I would switch in a heartbeat to a better one. I have noticed I am unable to connect using the secure ftp port, only the standard one. Do you think that has anything to do with it?

        1. Possibly the site uses two different folders for http:// and https://, a public folder for http:// and a private/public folder for https://. If the contents of these folders don’t match, the https:// domain can give an error like this. Usually this can be fixed by creating a symbolic link between the two folders.

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