No SSL detected Warnings & Errormessages

No SSL detected, but I’m sure I have SSL

No SSL was detected

If you see this message at the top of your page, this can mean two things:

  • You don’t have an SSL certificate. You can check this on
  • Really Simple SSL couldn’t open the testpage. This might happen because of security rules on your site.

It the scan on SSL Labs checks out, you can get Really Simple SSL to detect SSL simply by loading the admin over SSL:

  1. In your browser address bar, change the url to https, and hit enter
  2. Your site layout might break, but don’t worry. This is because the stylesheets are not SSL yet.
  3. Look for the button “enable SSL” (you might have to scroll down a bit if it’s broken), and click it.

That’s it! Your site will now be configured for SSL.


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  • Richard

    I tested:
    SSL test page

    This page is used purely to test for ssl availability.



    REQUEST_URI: /wp-content/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ssl-test-page.php

    When i add the code to .htaccess, the

    500 internal server error problem is coming.

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      The article was a bit out of date. I’ve updated it: the best way to solve this is to change the url in your browser bar to https (when you’re in the admin), then hit enter.

  • barbara gustafson

    Thanks for the tip. Worked like a dream. Love the ease of use of the product.

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