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My website does a double redirect to https, or not 301 redirect



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Some users ask for a fix for a double redirect. But Really Simple SSL does not do a double redirect!

The plugin uses two ways to redirect: in the .htaccess a generic redirect is used, which redirects all incoming requests to https, and only if the request is not https (otherwise a redirect loop would occur). If this redirect could not be inserted, a javascript will function as backup, which is also conditional: only if the request is not https will this script kick in.

Using only the javascript redirect is not recommended: for seo purposes a 301 .htaccess redirect is best.

But you want your double redirect fixed, right?

You should check your .htaccess and other plugins carefully. Some caching plugins and security plugins also handle redirects to https, and maybe you, or someone else, added a redirect to the .htaccess independently of this plugin.

  1. Backup your .htaccess file, and remove all rules concerning https that are not generated by Really Simple SSL, and check again.
  2. Deactivate your plugins one by one, clear your cache, and check again.

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