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Mixed content when using Divi theme

Once in a while we come across users who experience mixed content issues when using Divi theme and Divi builder. Divi uses its own built-in caching mechanism. To fix the mixed content the Divi cache has to be cleared. To do this, navigate to the ‘Divi’ menu in the left menu bar in the WordPress admin area and press ‘Theme options’:



Clicking on the ‘Theme Options’ will take you to the ‘General’ tab. On this tab, check if the ‘Minify And Combine Javascript Files’ and ‘Minify And Combine CSS Files’ options are enabled (both are near the bottom of the page). If so, disable them temporarily. They can be re-enabled after the cache has been cleared.

Then navigate to the ‘Builder’ tab. Select ‘Advanced’ and uncheck the ‘Static File Generation’ option. Finally, press ‘Clear’ to clear the Divi cache. The Divi cache is now empty and shouldn’t cause any mixed content issues. If you use any other caching plugins like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache, now is the right time to clear them as well.

Navigate to your site to see if the issue has been resolved or if it still contains mixed content. If it doesn’t, you can enable the Divi options again. If you still have mixed content issues, check out our guide on tracking down mixed content to locate the exact cause of your issue.




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6 Responses

  1. I have a site using Divi with a ‘mixed content’ issue, which seems to boil down to an unchanged http URL for a png logo image in the masthead (same on all pages). I have previously used another plugin to search and replace, and this seems to have dealt with everything, including the database, apart from this single image on all pages. I have checked with ‘why-no-padlock’ to confirm that an https URL would correctly locate and display this image, but I cannot manually insert the missing ‘s’ in the code. I have downloaded the Really Simple SSL plug-in but not yet run it. I noticed your advice above about clearing the Divi cache. I assume this should be done first, before running the plugin? The advice above also seems to suggest that clearing the cache alone may fix the problem. One thing confuses me . What you say suggests that the 3 toggles should all be set temporarily to ‘NOT enabled’, and that the ‘CLEAR’ button should then be clicked. But when I disable (‘uncheck’) the ‘Static CSS File generation’ toggle, the ‘CLEAR’ button disappears, so cannot be clicked. It can only be clicked when this toggle is left at ‘Enabled’. I have tried clicking it in this ‘Enabled’ state, then saved changes,, but it appears to make no difference to the mixed content issue. I will try to run the plugin, but please explain nwhether I have misunderstood something, or otherwise why the CLEAR button disappears when I need it. Thanks.

  2. Further to the above, I have now run installed and activated the Really Simple SSL, and it seems to have worked, which is great, so thanks. One thing – because I already have a Let’s Encrypt SSL installed, I did not click “Migrate to SSL’, but it was was not very clear that this was not simply part of the activation for the plugin. I very nearly clicked that, which might have caused some complications. So, with my gratitude for the effectiveness of your plugin comes my constructive comment on the UX – the point mentioned previously about clearing the cache is confusing, and there could be a more positive sign that the activation has taken effect without any need for the ‘Migrate’ button to be pressed by way of confirmation.

    1. Hi Louis,

      The plugin is mainly developed to switch your site to https. To do this several things need to be done: redirect to https, change the site_url to https, and fix mixed content. Of these, only the mixed content fixer will activate on https without clicking the “go ahead” button. If you already have changed your site_url and added a redirect, clicking this button won’t change anything. If you have not configured this, this will finalize the setup.

      As for the Divi settings, I have to check that. The main issue is that Divi’s minification and caching often keeps causing mixed content issues. Clearing and / or disabling it usually fixes it.

  3. Minify And Combine Javascript Files > Verify that it is disabled
    Minify And Combine CSS Files > Verify that it is disabled

    Save Changes

    Builder > Advanced

    Static CSS File Generation > Verify that it is disabled

    Save Changes Again

    Really Simple SSL should work

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