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How to fix blocked resources that were not traceable

If you get this warning, a URL was found in your website but the plugin couldn’t find this URL in either the database or in one of your files.

In some cases, the URL will tell you something about the origin so take that URL, open your site in your web browser, right-click, and click “View source”. Then do a text search for this URL. In most cases this should show you where it’s inserted, and may tell you what to do about it.

If you can’t figure it out, please contact me so I can help you with this.



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    1. I don’t know why it was traced to this page, but in your websource I see some code:

      Which uses this script:

      This doesn’t really load very well, and might cause your site to keep loading undefinitely. So to fix you should contact this tracking plugin author, or just remove it.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      when visiting your site I have no issues accessing the blog posts. Does this issue still occur for you? If so, you can try clearing your browser cache to see if that makes any difference. Please let me know if it works!


    1. Hi Veronique,

      the link to the pixel.gif file is most likely located in the database. You can check this by installing the Better Search Replace plugin ( to search for the in your database. If you find it, you can replace it with using the replace option in the plugin.

      The button is there, but clicking on it doesn’t do anything. The button doesn’t appear to contain a link either. Do you use a plugin to generate the button?


    1. I don’t think the pixel image is the problem. When I look at your form, the closing tag (form) is before the submit button, which makes the button fall outside the form. I think if you move the closing form tag down, to below the button, it should work.

      1. H Roger

        Thanks a lot for your advice. The “form” in the code line (when i copy it) is actually at the end, down after the button BUT when i register the page with the good code line, the “form” is removed at the end and automatically placed close to the button and so it can’t work …. Weird ? a kind of safety blocking system ?

    1. This is not related to SSL. A plugin, or possibly WordPress, changes the html. This might be caused by an incorrect html structure in the snippet, but can’t say for sure.

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