How to fix blocked resources that were not found in any file or post

If you have Really Simple SSL Pro installed, you might get the warning that your site contains references to an external resource that cannot load over SSL.

For example, if a page contains this HTML:

<img src=””>

And that domain does not have an SSL certificate, this image won’t load on SSL.

In this particular warning, the link was found on your website but the scan couldn’t locate it’s source in your website files or database posts. This URL has been found in the scan of the entire database and might be used in a specific plugin table. If the scan recognized the plugin, you already know where to look: the settings of that particular plugin. If the plugin was not recognized, you might need to find out which plugin uses that table. If you need any help with this, feel free to contact us.

To fix this you should:

  • Lookup the plugin that is mentioned
  • Check the settings for the URL that is mentioned.
  • Change the URL to your own domain, and to https


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