What are Hardening Features?

Hardening features can secure a website by reducing its attack surface and vulnerabilities. It is a proactive approach to protecting a website against security threats and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Website hardening involves a number of techniques, including secure configuration of the web server and CMS software like WordPress.  This can mean removing unnecessary code, or setting limits to attempts to use, login or manipulate a system. Hardening features are mostly configured based on the specific use case and known vulnerabilities. The goal of hardening is to make it more difficult for attackers to successfully compromise a website and to minimize the damage that can be caused if an attack does succeed. Recommended hardening features can be different for every configuration. For example: You can imagine adding WooCommerce to your website adds a specific point of attack, mainly your subscribers and login page. Here you can enable hardening features like preventing user enumeration, 2FA, minimizing login feedback and requiring strong passwords to limit possibilities for attack.


Really Simple SSL supports the following hardening features:

Pro version only
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