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How to fix mixed content in Elementor after moving to SSL



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We often see mixed content on Elementor based sites after moving to SSL. Luckily for Elementor users, these mixed content issues can be fixed easily. If you have mixed content on your Elementor pages after moving to SSL, here’s how you can fix it:

Be sure to create a backup of your database before performing the following steps

Navigate to ‘Elementor->Tools->Replace URL’ and enter your old site address (with http://) and your new site address (with https://). You can find your current Site Address in the WordPress general settings. If your Site Address in the WordPress general settings is listed with https://www, you can include the www in the URL. If your Site Address uses https://, enter https:// without the www.

After entering and double checking the URL’s, press the ‘Replace URL’ option. This will update the Site Address in all Elementor data.

Once the Replace has finished, navigate to the ‘General’ tab in the Elementor settings and press the ‘Regenerate Files’ button. This will regenerate your CSS files with the new, updated links.

That’s it! Clear any other caches your website uses and your Elementor site should now work without mixed content.

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7 Responses

  1. When I fill old and new URL and press the button, it just says “0 rows affected.” I then still regenerate CSS, but it doesn’t solve the issue. Still mixed content.

    And I know it comes from Elementor since I disabled it and it was instantly locked content.

    Any clues?

      1. Thanks mate. Indeed, it shows the bad URL on some image, since I change domains and the attachments URLs weren’t updated properly. I tried updating with a plugin and it seems it worked, but it still shows mixed and that URL, so no luck. I will keep trying, but at least I found the problem source. Thanks.

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