Disabling LLA (Limit Login Attempts) when you are locked out

Really Simple SSL Pro includes Limit Login Attempts functionality to protect your site against brute force login attacks; repeated attempts to login using incorrect credentials will be blocked automatically.

However, it could be that you’ve accidentally triggered too many invalid Login Attempts yourself, and that you’re (temporarily) locked out of your WordPress Account as a result.

Renaming the really-simple-ssl-pro folder in the wp-content/plugins/ directory will allow you to regain access to the site; but as that would deactivate the plugin entirely, we recommend the below approach instead.

You can specifically disable the Limit Login Attempts checks by adding the following line to your wp-config.php file

  • define( 'RSSSL_DISABLE_LLA', true );
    (This disables the Really Simple SSL Limit Login Attempts checks on the login page)


After logging in and resetting the block for your account/IP address in the Limit Login Attempts settings (SSL & Security -> Settings -> Login Protection -> Limit Login Attempts), you can safely remove the above line from your wp-config.php and re-activate Limit Login Attempts in the plugin.

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