About our General Settings

Screenshot with Really Simple SSL General Settings
The General settings block in Really Simple SSL


Redirect method

This setting allows you to determine how to implement the Really Simple SSL 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

No redirect – Prevents Really Simple SSL from adding any redirects. Use when you prefer to manually add redirects or using a different plugin

301 PHP redirect – Only use if your server doesn’t utilize .htaccess and if your site isn’t relying on caching mechanisms (like most WordPress websites).

301 .htaccess redirect – The recommended value for Apache servers with available .htaccess file. This allows Really Simple SSL to add the 301 redirect without it being affected by caching mechanisms. Also the redirect is loaded even before PHP, which makes it slightly faster.

Mixed content fixer

Toggle on/off – The mixed content fixer included in the free Really Simple SSL plugin will dynamically replace most references to HTTP, to HTTPS. The mixed content fixer does not make any permanent changes to your database, as it dynamically replaces these references via JavaScript.

Mixed content fixer – init hook

Toggle on/off – This setting will load the mixed content fixer via the init hook, instead of the template_redirect hook. You can enable this setting if you experience any issues with the mixed content fixer being loaded via the regular hook.

Mixed content fixer – back-end

Toggle on/off – Allow the mixed content fixer to dynamically replace HTTP references to HTTPS. You can enable this if you experience mixed content issues on the WordPress back-end.

Dismiss all notices

Toggle on/off – This dismisses all +1 notices and Really Simple SSL Dashboard warnings. The intention of these notices is only to inform you with valuable recommendations to upgrade your site’s security, but we don’t want to bother you if you’re not interested :-). Just toggle this setting and you won’t get any further notices.

System Status

Download – This will download a .txt file which contains some essential system information. You can include this file when reaching out to our support reps, it will help us to  know a little more about your Really Simple SSL and WordPress configuration to provide you with the best answer to your question.

Delete all data on plugin deletion

Toggle on/off – By default, all Really Simple SSL files will be deleted on plugin deletion, but the essential database tables will be kept to store your configuration. This way you don’t have to configure the plugin again if you decide to install the plugin in the future. Enable this setting if you are certain that you won’t be using our plugin in the future. We don’t hope that you’ll ever need this feature, but if we have not met your expectations please do share your feedback with us!

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