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How to find where security headers are set

You were probably directed to this page because Really Simple SSL told you that you have a non-recommended security header set by another method. Really Simple SSL will not set security headers if they are already set by another method. The problem lies in the

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Hosting Providers with Free SSL

Below you will find a list of known free SSL certificates per hosting provider. If your hosting provider is not listed, but does offer free SSL Please let us know. Known hosting providers with free certificates Hosting Providers Contabo Contabo’s SSL certificates are activated by

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Cross Origin Security Headers

Cross-Origin Isolation In 2018, a new vulnerability was discovered in processors. It allowed a “side channel attack”. These types of attacks try to gather information by measuring indirect effects of the system. Like speed and power consumption. You can compare it to how you track the

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Renewing a Really Simple SSL Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

Really Simple SSL will let you know when your Let’s Encrypt certificate generated by Really Simple SSL is about to expire. Two weeks before the expiration date, you will see one of the following notices in your SSL settings dashboard: The SSL certificate has been

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OCSP Stapling

OCSP Stapling OCSP stands for Online Certificate Status Protocol. It is a tool to check the certificate status in real-time. When a user visits your site, an OCSP request is generally made to the Certificate Authority that issued the SSL certificate. This is done to

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