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SSL certificate

To change this page upload a new index.html to your private_html folder

If you see this message when you access your site over https: To change this page upload a new index.html to your private_html folder This means there are different folders for http:// and https://, your site is in the http (public_html) and you’re looking at the private_html folder. The site will load fine over http://  …

Networkwide SSL activation fails on IIS server 7

Sometimes networkwide SSL activation can fail on IIS server 7 setups because the request entity is too large. When this happens, you can increase the uploadReadAheadSize value in your applicationHost.config file. The default value is set too low for some websites, increasing the value should resolve this issue. For detailed instructions see Share Share Share

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How to fix the ‘no response from webpage’ warning

Check if the front-end of your website loads Does the front-end of your website load fine? Then this warning is a false positive and can be safely ignored. A false positive can occur on some hosting environments where the hosting provider doesn’t allow the plugin to retrieve the webpage. Does the front-end return a warning …

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Mixed content when using Divi theme

Once in a while we come across users who experience mixed content issues when using Divi theme and Divi builder. Divi uses its own built-in caching mechanism. To fix the mixed content the Divi cache has to be cleared. To do this, navigate to the ‘Divi’ menu in the left menu bar in the WordPress …

Media library not showing images, or upload error after switch to SSL

There are several issues I regularly encounter with the WordPress Media library after a site has moved to SSL. HTTP error If you try to upload, and see the error message “HTTP error”, this points to a permissions error on the server. Sometimes when a site is switched to SSL, permissions have to be configured …