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How to recover Facebook likes after moving to https/ssl

Websites with a lot of Facebook likes are bound to lose some likes or shares when they move their site to https / SSL. Facebook sees your https URL as a complete different url. How to recover your Facebook shares when you have switched to SSL? On Stack Exchange, and I found a method …

SSL certificate

Does SSL improve my security?

Sure. But I would not say it is the first thing should do. To prevent your site from getting hacked, start with the following: Do not use Admin as your username Use a difficult password. Use two-factor authentication Install a security plugin, like iThemes. Rename your login page to something else then wp-login.php or admin …

Redirect rules

Redirect rules in Nginx

Use the following to redirect to https on nginx. server { listen 80; server_name; return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; } Share Share Share

What does the plugin Really Simple SSL actually do?

You only have to click activate, and in most cases, your site is ready for SSL. So what happens in the background? On activation, Really Simple SSL: Checks for SSL before activating Selects the right kind of .htaccess redirect rule If needed, adds a loadbalancer fix to wp-config: if the WordPress function is_SSL() fails, an …

MultisiteWarnings & Errormessages

Is Really Simple SSL suitable for my multisite installation?

Yes, you can use Really Simple SSL for multisite. When you activate Really Simple SSL on a multisite environment, you can choose to network activate, or to activate per-site. When you network activate, you get the same option again (might be confusing) but even on network activation, you can choose to enable SSL per site. …