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Really Simple SSL pro

Download link expired

If your download link from your purchase email has expired, you can create an account with the email address you used to do the purchase. After you register, you can login and view your account page, where you can download the latest version of Really Simple SSL pro. Share Share Share

Really Simple SSL pro

Updating Really Simple SSL extensions

Really Simple SSL pro, Really Simple SSL per page,Really Simple SSL pro multisite, and Really Simple SSL social use the licensing framework from Easy Digital Downloads, which is a proven technology for upgrading in WordPress. If you have issues upgrading, please check if you have activated your license. If your license is activated, the word …

Really Simple SSL pro

When your scan freezes

The scan has been tested extensively, but can in some cases freeze. To fix this, please follow these steps: Try disabling the brute force database search, just above the scan buttons. In some cases the brute force search can cause issues. Memory issues. The scan takes some memory. Try adding to your wp-config.php: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’); …

SSL certificate

SSL working on desktop, but not on mobile (android) devices

If the SSL certificate on your site works fine on desktop but gives an error on mobile devices (specifically Android):  this certificate isn’t from a trusted authority, there is probably an issue with your SSL certificate chain. To check this, run an SSL check here: If one of the results is This server’s certificate …

Plugin conflicts

Plugin conflicts: tracking down the cause

Sometimes you can experience plugin issues that seem to be caused by Really Simple SSL. What most people forget, is that when you activate Really Simple SSL, you also force SSL (which is not the same). In some cases your site being on SSL can also cause the issue. When you activate the SSL plugin, three …