Migration of your website to SSL

If you want your switch to SSL to be as smooth as possible, we can handle it for you.

The migration service includes

  • Check of your SSL certificate
  • Installation of Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL pro, with valid license
  • Scan of your site for issues when on SSL
  • Small fixes on your system needed to make it run on SSL (like url changes into https, downloading of files, etc).
  • Check if your redirects are valid 301 redirects
  • Configuration of HSTS (HTTP strict transport protocol)
  • Your site optimised for SSL

Not included are coding changes or plugin changes that would be needed because plugins, themes, or custom code do not support SSL. For example, when a widget does not support SSL. If you want we can give a quote on this.

Requirements for your setup

  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Deactivated Varnish cache. You can always try to turn it back on later, but during the migration we need it turned off.
  • If you use CloudFlare or other CDN services, we need access so we can make any necessary changes


  • Migration of your website to SSL will under normal circumstances be scheduled within 3 business days after you have submitted all necessary information to us.
  • If possible we will migrate during your nighttime
  • In holiday periods this may take a while longer
  • We will always try to help you as quickly as possible

Please note: this is not the installation of an SSL certificate. This service will configure and optimise your site to run over the SSL.

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