Complianz Privacy Suite

Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CaCPA) premium is the product of the cooperation between Really Simple SSL and a law firm, resulting in an all-round Privacy Suite for WordPress. There’s also a free version available. The plugin integrates both US and EU privacy laws, which will be applied to your website visitors depending on their geo location.

It’s an all in one solution, with not only a cookie consent bar and third party cookie blocking solution, but customised legal documents, based on the input you provide in the wizard.

Legal documents

Setting up the documents is easy: When downloading our plugin you will receive your personal dashboard in which you can set up and monitor your legal documents and more. Fill in the questions in the dashboard, check your predefined cookies and you’re good to go.

  • Privacy Statement
    Configure your privacy statement easily with our wizard, specify it for your organization. And change it when necessary.
  • Cookie Policy
    Our wizard also provides a cookie policy. Simple questions and an extensive website scan will automatically insert your cookie descriptions if provided.
  • Disclaimer
    Tell your website visitors about your website and how content is provided and protected.
  • Data Processing Agreement
    As a bonus! Configure as many processing agreements for third parties as you need to stay in control of your data.

Consent checkboxes

The plugin can detect if you need consent checkboxes. If needed, you can let the plugin add them automatically for you. Currently Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 are integrated with the plugin.

Website scan

Your website is constantly susceptible to changes. Changes in plugins, scripts but also in cookies. Your website will be scanned on a regular basis to detect these changes.

The plugin can detect if you need a cookie warning, and let’s you design the warning with the wysywig customizer.

GEO Location

Why show a cookie notification if you don’t need to? With GEO location enabled, visitors in countries without strict cookie laws don’t get a notification. You decide!

Consent statistics

With the statistics feature you can monitor how many of your users accept, decline or ignore the cookie warning, or, in case of Geo Ip, if the user didn’t get to see a cookie warning at all.

Blocking scripts

It’s not just a notification. The plugin blocks any non-functional scripts or cookies, placed in our ‘Script Center’. Only after the visitors’ explicit consent, the cookies and scripts will work. In countries with an opt-out law, like the US, all cookies will be enabled by default, unless the user says otherwise.

The visitor will be able to go back at any time to turn a ‘Decline’ into an ‘Accept’.

Cookies & Scripts

The website scan will trace installed cookies and scripts, during the wizard, and will automatically provide the necessary descriptions if provided.


Did you make changes, by installing or deleting a plugin? Or adding a cookie or script. The plugin will notify you when action is needed.

Cookie Notification

If you make changes which require a cookie notification, the plugin will automatically enable the cookie warning.

Inventory for data breaches

Your USB was lost, someone hacked your database or even worse, someone has broken into your home and stole everything regarding data. What to do?

Not sure if an incident has occurred or if you need to alert the authorities? Use our Data Breach Inventory to find out!

If a significant data breach has occurred, use your configured document to alert those involved.

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