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Our major release Really Simple SSL 6 is coming soon. Read about our update below and joing our beta release program!

Really Simple SSL 6 is coming! Join our Beta Release Program. Learn more

Really Simple SSL 6

5/5 out 7000+ reviews

Keep WordPress fortified and safe by tackling its weaknesses. Hardening features are available in Really Simple SSL 6

The essentials to protect your website visitors. Leverage SSL for even better security.

Easily configure advanced security headers designed for WordPress.

A successful migration is a continuous check while developing your website.

Extensive Scan

The extensive scan finds sources of your mixed content and helps you to fix the issue. 

Frequent Updates

Really Simple SSL 6 is the start of an incoming wave of new security features. 

Premium support is one of our best features. Our amazing team will help you within 24 hours.

Join our Beta program

Join our Beta Program below. This program is available for both free and premium users. If you’re a current Pro user and need an extra license slot to finish testing, please let us know by replying on the email.

If you join the program an email with the needed information is sent to the above email address.