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Why our websites are built with Elementor

Before we had decided that the only thing that we wanted to do is build WordPress plugins, we were WordPress developers, building websites for clients. Like most other WordPress agencies, we used all sorts of themes to get the desired results.

We decided that it was time to share why Elementor has been the only website builder we have been using for the past few years.

Everyone can work with Elementor

WordPress website builders have been popular for quite some years now, the main reason being that they are very easy to use. Essentially you don’t have to know PHP, JavaScript, or CSS to work with most site builders, and Elementor is no exception to that.

We love Elementor because clients can easily work with their websites and make basic changes, and it certainly doesn’t prevent us from making more advanced customizations.


One of the major downsides of page builders has been the negative impact on page speed. This usually resulted from an excess of elements and resources being loaded even when the site didn’t actually use it. Elementor seems to have found a workaround for these issues. We are able to achieve very fast loading times with Elementor when combined with the right caching mechanisms.

Elementor Theme builder

Elementor basically renders WordPress themes obsolete. When building a new website, we typically upload the ‘Hello Elementor’ theme and build our own theme from the ground up. Since Elementor introduced the ‘Theme builder’, this has become very easy.

When done correctly, adding more pages and posts to the site takes very little time, as the Theme builder has allowed us to predefine how elements such as buttons, forms, headers, etc. should look. Working with the theme builder in a structured way can significantly reduce the time required to add new pages or elements to your site. In addition to the theme builder, we love working with Templates, which allow us to easily recycle sections that might occur on a site more frequently.

One size fits all

While we’re currently no longer developing websites for clients, I can imagine why web design agencies would stop working with other page builders and themes. It takes a lot of time (and money) to work with a wide variety of themes and website builders, to know all the functionality plugins that come with them, and to maintain agency licenses for all these themes. Elementor provides flexibility, is well-documented, and has great support as well.

Leon Wimmenhoeve

Leon Wimmenhoeve

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