Support for recovery of Facebook likes in JetPack sharing

Today, the Really Simple Social likes recovery plugin has added support for the recovery of Facebook likes with the JetPack sharing tool.

If you are using JetPack with it’s in built sharing tool and you have lost your Facebook likes because you have switched your domain to https, you can now recover the likes by installing Really Simple Social.

Why is social share recovery necessary?

When you switch your site to https / SSL, you are actually changing your domain, as far as Facebook is concerned. So because likes are linked to your domain, they’re zero on your new domain.

The Really Simple Social plugin uses a filter in the mixed content fixer from Really Simple SSL to replace the url Facebook uses back to http://. This way you can regain your likes.

Does it always work?

The native recovery works most of the times. Sometimes Facebook starts returning the https likes whatever you do. And sometimes Facebook returns a different count for www and non www as well. If that happens, you can use the custom share buttons that are built in in the social recovery plugin.

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  • Nicolas Martin

    Hi Rogier, I purchased the Really Simple Social plugin today for, but it’s been confirmed that it doesn’t play (as of June 19, 2017) with Jetack. Jetpack seems to use the post_id to determine the sharing URL instead of a filter, which causes the plugin to have no effect on Jetpack’s social buttons. I deactivated the plugin in the meantime. I really hope you guys will manage to solve this issue as it’s a promising plugin with a nice feature. Thanks!

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      We have discovered this is not due to the way Jetpack retrieves shares, but to the way Facebook returns the shares. In some cases Facebook decides to return always the https likes, even when on a testpage on a local development environment only the http url is passed. In that case, only the custom share buttons which will directly recover through the Facebook api will properly return the likes.

      So the recovery in the plugin still works… most of the time. In other cases you will need to use the custom share buttons.