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Really Simple SSL Social 4.0

Full of new features and designs

Really Simple SSL Social 4.0 has been released today. This version is a major improvement over previous versions in term of styling and customisation options. The plugin no longer requires Really Simple SSL to work, it can operate alongside Really Simple SSL or as a standalone plugin. The plugin is now Gutenberg compatible, you can add the sharing buttons as a Gutenberg block. To improve customisation, you are now able to add custom CSS to your buttons directly from the plugin settings.

We have received a lot of requests to update the share buttons look and feel, that’s why the plugin now contains six all-new share button themes!

Color rounded:

Color square:

Dark round:

Dark square:

Sidebar color and sidebar dark:

Besides having the ability to recover shares for your existing sharing plugin and the new buttons, Really Simple SSL social can now show native sharing buttons with share counts retrieved directly from the API which looks like this:

Custom share caching

The plugin now also allows you to set a custom share cache time. By default the cache is 24 hours, you can lower this value if you want the shares to update faster. Shares will still be updated when the sharing buttons are clicked.

We are eager to hear your feedback. If you have any comments, feel free to send them to or fill in a support request here. For a full overview of all the new Really Simple SSL Social has to offer, visit the product page.



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