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Improved mixed content scan

Today Really Simple SSL pro 2.0.4 has been released. The mixed content scan in Really Simple SSL pro now has an improved function detect mixed content in widgets.

Finding the mixed content is easy, but where is it located?

By looking in your console, it’s often easy to find the URL that is causing the mixed content. The problem is, where is this URL used? That is why Really Simple SSL pro first searches for CSS and JS files with http URL’s, and scans your entire site for external URL’s. Each of those URL’s is then verified: can it load over https or not?

If you have used hot linked images, remote JS or CSS scripts, widgets, etc, these might break on SSL. Really Simple SSL pro will find these, and searches your database AND files (search and replace plugins, while often convenient, won’t search your files). The results are shown in sections: posts, CSS/JS files, PHP files, or other database tables.  With this setup, you can easily find the URL that is causing the issue. Hot linked images can be automatically downloaded and inserted into posts, css or js files.

Search for hot linked images in widgets

There was one thing that we still had to do in the pro plugin though: hot linked images were found in the scan, but not traced back to widgets: the warning just mentioned the URL in general, which is not very helpful: how can you fix it if you don’t know where it’s used? As widgets can often contain hot linked images (http URL’s in widgets will be fixed automatically by the plugin), we have now added a separate widget section in the scan. WordPress doesn’t have the ability to link directly to a widget, but the scan lists the name of the widget and the widget area, so it should be easy to find now.

Coming soon is the Fix button for widgets. For now, you can go to the widget, and change the image to an image on your own system. More information on how the plugin searches for mixed content and hot linked images on your site? See the article about mixed content


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