Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL 3.3.4

3.3.4 was a minor maintenance update, with some small fixes:

Review notice dismiss hook

The review notice dismiss action hook is concatenated with wp_ajax, which caused us to overlook the missing prefix. As Limit Login attempts reloaded made the same mistake, this caused issues with dismissing the review notice, because the Limit Login Attempts hook might be triggered instead of the Really Simple SSL hook. Limit Login Attempts reloaded was informed about this issue, as they should create a similar fix, but we have not received response on this yet.  As Really Simple SSL now has been prefixed, no more conflicts can arise here.

Dropped deprecated wpmu_new_blog hook

For multisite installations, the wpmu_new_blog hook was used until recently. Because this hook is deprecated, we have replaced it with wp_insert_site. Older versions of WP are still supported.

CSS for notices moved inline

Because several lines of CSS used for notifications were placed in a stylesheet, the CSS had to be loaded on all back-end pages until SSL was activated. Because on multisite installations it might be possible that some sites would stay non SSL indefinitely, this was not a good situation. We have therefore moved all CSS used for temporary notices to inline CSS, which allows us to load the stylesheet on the Really Simple SSL settings page only.



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