Really Simple SSL 3.2

** Edit **

Some users were having issues after the update. Two bugs were fixed immediately and released, in 3.2.1 and 3.2.2. Sorry for the inconvenience caused! 

  • When users had a plus one on the settings menu item, the additional plus one from Really Simple SSL caused an issue
  • Because a multisite function was incorrectly included, this caused PHP errors on some sites. 

If you are having issues with the update, please update to 3.2.2. This should resolve the problems. You can always contact us with any issues you might encounter. 


Today marks the release of Really Simple SSL 3.2. This latest version packs some awesome new features like support for WP-CLI and improvements for multisite setups. The plugin now also let’s you know if any improvements can be made in your SSL configuration. The following changes have been made in version 3.2:

  • Added update counter to Settings/SSL menu item if recommended settings aren’t enabled yet
  • Added WP-CLI support
  • Tweak: made some dashboard items dismissible
  • Tweak: added link on multisite networkwide activation notice to switch function hook to fix conversions hanging on 0%
  • Tweak: required WordPress version now 4.6 because of get_networks() version

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