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Really Simple SSL 2.3.8



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Some small but important tweaks were added to the latest release of 2.3.8.

In previous versions, javascript was used as fallback when .htaccess redirects were not possible. A much better option of course, is to redirect internally in WordPress. This didn’t have my attention, because in most cases, the .htaccess redirect work fine. But when they don’t, the javascript redirect can be pretty slow. In the new situation, that won’t happen.

If, for some reason (e.g. .htaccess is not writable or the redirects test fails) the .htaccess redirects cannot be set, the WordPress internal redirect to https kicks in. It’s not as fast as .htaccess, but a lot faster than javascript.

Besides this, I’ve edited the url request function a bit, so when the curl function returns an error, the file_get_content function is used to give it a last try. In some situations this function seems to return a page when curl does not.


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